Skill List

  • Animal Handling
  • Affinity Ability
  • Assets
  • Athletics
  • Ballistic Weapons
  • Brawling
  • Bureaucracy
  • Computers
  • Deceit
  • Demolitions
  • Diplomacy
  • Discipline
  • Drive
  • Endurance
  • Energy Weapons
  • Engineering
  • Gambling
  • Insight
  • Intimidation
  • Investigation
  • Knowledge
  • Language
  • Melee
  • Networking
  • Perception
  • Performance
  • Pilot
  • Resolve
  • Science
  • Science, Weird
  • Skulduggery
  • Stealth
  • Strategy

Skills in bold have impact on your stress tracks.

Animal Handling

  • What it says on the tin.
  • Includes Falconry, Horse training, Rancor Wrangling, and Respectful Cat Handling, among others.

“Affinity Ability”

  • this is the catch-all term used for an ability tied to your power source, should you have powers. So if you’re a cleric, this might be your Faith skill; if the gods of rock n’ roll granted you their mighty love, this might be your Metal skill, or maybe even your METAL! skill.
  • This skill will also do what it normally would – someone whose magic comes from map-making, could also just make maps with the skill.
  • Conversely, you could use an existing skill for your affinity ability – this would do one of two things: either multiply the cost of buying that skill by 1.5, or increase the AP cost of any powers that run off of the ability by one. If it’s truly heinous, SoF (p.92) suggests we might also do both. This might work for say, a blade-mage (what up Magus) where it really is magic via being super awesome at something that is also highly useful.


  • The general measure of your wealth, be it a stash of gold, valuable art, ownership of land, a massive bank account, and so on. Assets determines how many restricted items you can begin play with, and is used to buy any goods that can conceivably be purchased with filthy lucre.
  • Adds to your Wealth Stress Track
  • Special note re: assets – When making purchases, the character whose Assets Skill is being rolled (and whose Wealth track is at risk) may invoke a single Aspect (free-taggable or otherwise), and may receive no other help. Groups ganging up on somebody to make a deal should contribute beforehand, to lower the difficulty – once somebody’s assets are on the line, it’s their ass(ets). If people want to all throw in – well, we’ll have to figure out how that works :)


  • How well you can move your body: running speed,balance, hand-eye coordination, and so on. Also determines how well you can use your body to move something else: lifting, dragging, pulling, and the like.
  • Adds to your Physical Stress Track.

Ballistic Weapons (Combat)

  • Your capacity to use projectile weapons, be they railguns, coil guns, particle accelerators, or heavy artillery such as cannons or vehicular weaponry.

Brawling (combat)

  • Fists, feet, found weapons. The Brawler might be an accomplished professional fighter, a spiritual martial arts specialist, or a military trainer. She might also just be someone with a lot of experience in crummy bars.


  • Facility with handling the people and paperwork associated with government and other institutional processes. Use your Bureaucracy Skill when filing for a license to mine an asteroid or to find the person responsible for paying out your resurrection insurance.
  • While not technically a combat skill, it is a way to potentially cause massive damage to one’s opposition.


  • Your understanding of how human-written computer software works, both in how to write code and manipulate existing software. Haxxors apply within.


  • The ability to lie, con, misdirect, or bluff. Also the ability to haggle for a good deal, and generally be a slippery critter.

Demolitions (Combat)

  • The ability to use explosives, such as grenades or satchel charges, both in combat and to demolish structures. Useful for WUSE!


  • The ability to talk with people in a friendly fashion, make a good impression, and perhaps convince others to see your side of things in a dispute or debate.


  • The ability to focus, concentrate, and stay on task despite distractions. Is often what magic is based off of, but certainly not exclusively.
  • Adds to your Mental Stress Track.


  • If it’s a vehicle and doesn’t fly, you can make it go.


  • Your health, vigor, and ability to withstand pain, toxins, sicknesses, and diseases of the body.
  • Adds to your Physical Stress Track.

Energy Weapons (Combat)

  • Laser guns, plasma weapons, lightning guns, or anything
    else that does harm with energy! Pistol, rifle, or turret, you’re cleared for the pew pew pew!


  • The understanding of how machinery works, for the purposes of operating it, building it, repairing it, and taking it apart.


  • Playing games of chance. Includes poker, dice, and the stock market.


  • Mental reflexes, perception, “common sense.” It is used to make quick and accurate decisions based on unexpected or incomplete information.
  • It is also used to intuit other’s emotions.


  • The ability to force others to do as you wish through threat of force; interrogation, etc.


  • Your ability to quickly find information in a variety of manners; including research, and more general snooping around.


  • A catch-all skill that represents the facility of the character with culture and technology of a given world/system/setting.
  • Characters get a free knowledge at +1 (Average) for wherever they came from.
  • Purchased in multiple specializations, like Knowledge: IOU Campus, Knowledge: Arcana, or Knowledge: World of Starspire. Note that you don’t need knowledge skills for something you’re already trained in – someone with a high ballistic weapons skill gets to use that as their ‘knowledge’ skill regarding guns!


  • Your chance to speak, read, and understand.
  • For each rank in a language, you can declare one non-native tongue known.
  • Otherwise, you roll against the difficulty!


  • The understanding of how to use handheld melee weapons, thrown weapons, and generally be an awesome Samurai.


  • Rapport, contacts, etc. – the skill of knowing and making connections with people, getting favors, aid, or just listened to. Knowing a guy who knows a guy.


  • A measure of your character’s passive awareness, their ability to stay on their toes and react to sudden changes in the environment.


  • A particular suite of skills in regards to an artistic discipline.
  • For example, Performance: Metal, might mean that someone can sing/scream, play guitar, breathe fire, play the drums, and otherwise be metal. Performance: Theatre might give skill in ballet, opera, and acting.


  • Your knowledge of driving and flying vehicles of all sorts, and your familiarity with their navigational systems.


  • The measure of your courage, willpower, and ability to resist temptation. It also represents the drive to not quit in the face of overwhelming opposition.
    *_ Adds to your Mental Stress Track._


  • Also, sometimes known as SCIENCE!
  • Astronomy, Bioengineering, Biology, Chemistry, Engineer, Geology, Mathematics, Metallurgy, Meteorology, Naturalist, Paleontology, Physics, etc.

Science, Weird

  • Astonishing new crackpot scientific theories that are far ahead of their time… or at least utterly different from the usual assumptions of your tech level.
  • For example, doesn’t deal with matter or antimatter, focusuing more on “Doesn’t Matter.” (See GURPS IOU)


  • Picking locks and pockets, casing, breaking and entering, and all sorts of other types of getting into things that are off-limits.
  • Also covering your tracks, etc. Knowledge of such things.
  • One way to conceal items on your person.


  • Your ability to hide, be silent, and move about unnoticed, otherwise being NINJA.
  • One way to conceal items on your person.


  • The ability to react, organize, and prepare for conflict, as well as analyze and overcome the plans of your enemy.
  • This determines initiative in conflict.

Other skills can be added as-needed/makes sense.

Skill List

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