Character Creation

Everyone starts with:

1 Refresh.
1 Knowledge skill at +1 (Average)
3 Aspects:

  • Your High Concept
  • Your Trouble
  • The Source of Your Power – or conversely – How the Hell You Wound Up Here.

50 xp to spend on skills.
36 xp to spend on refresh and advantage points.
15 xp to spend on whatever else your little heart desires.

XP Costs:

  • Refresh point = 9xp
  • Advantage point = 6xp
  • New Aspect = 6xp
  • Skills = variable, see the skills page.

What do I mean by “Advantage point?”

So, we’ll be using the AP system from Strands of Fate, and more specifically, Strands of Power. These systems are awesome – they seem just as good at modeling a bajillion different things as GURPS, BESM, HERO, or other “toolkit” systems – but with the advantage of being more or less balanced with itself, and having a cool system as a foundation.

It’s a bit more complicated than the stunt system – it has three tiers: Expert, which costs 1ap; Heroic, which costs 2ap; and Power Advantages, which have a variable cost.

Some more ranting

So, you might be wondering – where the hell are all my aspects? Well, FATE Core brings the total down to 5 from 7, which I think is more manageable. I’ve cut it down further, for simplicity, room to grow, and flexibility for you.

Additional aspects can be picked up:

  • during the course of the game (Something big happens, everybody gets an aspect related to this)
  • thrown in when purchasing certain Advantages
  • or by purchasing them with xp.

This is super important: your aspects are how you interact with the fate point economy! You won’t be able to spend them, or get new ones, without appropriate aspects. Having said that, xp will flow fast, and given the freebie points, you could start with the FATE Core-standard 5 aspects, and have 3 xp left over. Just worth keeping in mind.

Character Creation

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