Dr. What: Dean of C.T.H.U.L.H.U.

Dr. What^7, technically.


One of the more pleasant, if eccentric deans, Dr. What^7 is devoted to wandering the timestream, Doing Good.

Unfortunately, that means him out of the office a lot, and often rushing into class hurriedly, wearing anachronistic clothing (often including a 17-foot scarf).

There are seven known distinct versions of the Doctor running around, and this can lead to some not-insignificant confusion; after all, the conversation you had last week might well have been a century ago to this ieteration, who may not have experienced it yet.


Add to that the fact that he’s a touch scatterbrained, and it’s a small miracle that the good doctor is as functional as he is.


Dr. What: Dean of C.T.H.U.L.H.U.

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